1. Double cliquez sur l'icône du programme d'installation en tant qu'utilisateur admin et suivez les instructions.


Pour les utilisateurs non admin :
Votre administrateur doit faire un clic-droit sur l'installeur et cliquer sur Exécuter en tant qu'administrateur :

run as admin

2. Select which components should be installed

installation wizard3

3. Once installed, you will find the software in the Windows start menu, and potentially on your Windows Desktop if you selected the option during the installation process:

installation wizard2

4. Click on the Finish button. SYSTRAN Options will be launched.

installation wizard3


5. You need to configurate the server settings to activate the translation features.

6. You must enter the URL of your server gateway from your SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server installation and your API key:

  • The default URL of the Gateway is https://mysystranserver.local:8904 or http://mysystranserver.local:8903
  • You will be able to find your user API Key under the ‘Your Personal Info’ menu of SPNS

You should see the message “Working (X language pairs found)” when your server is well configured:

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